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Each piece of amber tells us how it wants to be crafted.

There is just something special about amber jewelry. It could be the aura of energy that amber radiates like the sun. The Myanmar Amber Museum is proud to have our own silversmith workshop employing craftsmen with a new vision for the future. All of our jewelry is handcrafted using locally sourced amber, silver, gold and pearl. 

To understand more about Amber Grading System click here!


Some people follow the crowd. Some people like to stand out as an individual. Handmade means… made for and by a unique individual.

When you buy handmade you're actually buying

  • Time spent designing the product

  • Time spent finding beautiful amber

  • Years of craftsmanship education

  • Years of perfecting the craftsmen's skills

  • Years of experimentation along with the anguish of past failures

  • The actual creation of a beautiful piece of artwork to be worn and adored

  • Finishing and packaging

  • Shipping

  • Cleaning up after creating the product

  • The creator’s  joy when viewing the finished product

  • The craftsman’s heart and soul imparted to the product

  • The time it took for the creator to make something unique and special just for you

Working on a Pottery Wheel
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