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Mission Statement

We are all about Myanmar amber education

Inclusion in Amber
Inclusion in Amber

The Story of Our Logo


Our logo is based upon the flower Tropidogyne pentaptera, a prehistoric angiosperm. We chose this flower to represent our Museum because flowers were just beginning to evolve 99 million years ago. Before flowers, all plant life was made up of conifers, ferns and mosses which reproduced via seeds, offshoots and spores. Today, 90% of all plant life has flowers as part of their reproductive system. Our flower symbolizes the beauty of Myanmar and it's own evolution into the next generation.

Fossil in amber

We are lovers of everything amber!

There is nothing like the joy of seeing your first fossil inclusion in amber. The idea that you are holding a fossil from 99 million years ago. It brings more questions than answers. Our mission is to teach and encourage people everywhere to see and understand the world around them. That is why we started our museum, to show off our large collection of amber and encourage the next generation of young scientists.

Fossil in amber


Myself and staff are not scientist. We do understand the importance of amber to the people of Myanmar and scientist around the world. As the country develops, the story of burmite amber and the incredible inclusions must be told. We have learned that few people actually know the uniqueness of burmite and how it differs from other ambers.

Fossil in amber

Our Guarantee

WE promise to do our best providing you with a great experience whether it is providing interesting facts or offering inclusions or jewelry.

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